Review 5

Amy takes care of our beloved Scruffy whenever we go out of town. She came to our home twice a day and gave her medicine, fed her, walked her. Scruffy is a 15 year old mixed terrier and has enjoyed Amy's TLC for years. I think she likes Amy's belly rubs better than mine! When I got home there was a detailed note about how things went and how Scruffy seemed to feel. Since Scruffy has medical issues, Amy is very careful to report any developments or issues. She even called my cell when she was concerned about something she saw.

Member Comments: As usual-it went wonderfully. Scruffy ate all her food and took all her meds-a feat I sometimes can't accomplish. She was calm and obviously content when we got home. The mail was brought in, the trashcans dealt with, and all the counter tops clean. It makes leaving a loved pet so much easier when you know Amy is going to be taking care of them. I would recommend her for any and all pet care needs!

Nancy M, McLean, VA

Review 7

Amy is an excellent care giver to our two mini pin rescue dogs--Pepper and Penney. We rely on Amy and her team to walk
our little bundles of high energy twice daily during week days. Amy has also provided care overnight, picked up mail, and
watered plants. She has always proven to be reliable, and flexible during unexpected scheduling changes.

Neighbors often comment on Amy's attentiveness to the dogs while walking them. They also comment on her friendly disposition.
When Pepper was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, her doctors, Amy, and I nursed Pepper back to health over a six month
period. Amy kept copious notes on Pepper's condition after the twice daily house visits and walks.

In 2011, Amy came highly recommended to us by a local veterinarian, and she has given us complete peace of mind when caring for
our dogs and our home. We have not looked back since!

Cynthia G, McLean, VA

Review 6

Amy Katyal has been taking care of our two dogs for years. She lets both dogs out daily in our back yard, greets them and visits briefly, and also changes their water. She keeps a log for the owners about her visits and what she did for the dogs--let them out, changed water, visited, etc. On some occasions when I was stuck at work, I have called on Amy in a pinch and she gladly helps out.

Member Comments: We would be hard pressed to find a more caring caretaker of our dogs. Our 14-year old Lab Lady died a couple of weeks ago and Amy was the first to send a note. When Lady was having difficulties this past year, she would text or call to tell me that Lady was having a tough day and/or had diffculty getting up the stairs.

Amy is a wonderful and caring person and we have complete confidence in her and trust her completely. Last year, when we knew our Lab was getting near her last days, we adopted a Pug named Moe from Mutts Matter Rescue. We called Amy about the new addition and asked what the increase would be for now letting Moe out daily too. She said there would be no increase as we were long term customers.
Amy writes a log everyday at our house of her comings and goings--and some of the notes are quite funny from squirrel chasing to other dog antics. If she is late (happens rarely), she lets you know. She is honest, trustworthy and can assist in a pinch. I have called her from time to time to ask her to come by the house if I am stuck at work. She is happy to assist where she can. We have used her for nearly ten years and think the world of her--and so do the dogs!!!

Frances M, McLean, VA

Review 8

Amy stayed overnight with our 5 pets; 3 dogs and 2 cats. We have two older dogs that we no longer want to board at a kennel facility. Amy is extremely professional and pays specific attention to detail. We trust her completely.

Member Comments: We now use Pet Care At Home exclusively. We were so impressed with Amy's work that we now have her come daily during the week to let our dogs out. Her prices are fair and she does not charge per pet, but only per visit. This was very important to us, since we have a total of 5 pets. Not only do we agree with her philosophy, but the first time she came to meet us and the pets, she took detailed notes on our walking routine and feed requirements. Also, during her first stay, she called once she arrived at our home, just to let us know that everything was going alright. In addition, she outlines all activity while she is staying at the house, noting her arrival and departure time, so that we can know how long she is visiting and walking our pets.

We have had a bit a trouble finding reliable and accountable pet sitters in the past. We are thrilled to know that we have found Amy and can count on her for all of our pet care needs.
Thank you!!

Janet F., McLean, VA

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