Review 1

"Amy is great We have been using Amy for three years now to walk out dog every day of the week and take care of him when we go away for a few days. She is amazing, heroically walking through hip deep water one time to make her appointment when we were gone and it was raining (a lot). She is really good with the dog, and she is a pleasure to work with. I would not want to use ANYONE else."

Ed M., McLean, VA

Review 3

We hired Amy to watch our cat while we were away for the holidays. She was attentive and professional from beginning to end. She quickly replied to our inquiry, set up a date to visit with us and even sent us a holiday card (a very kind touch). While we were away, she visited on the dates requested and emailed updates to us to let us know how our pet was faring. She cleaned out her litter box and even washed her food bowls - a great extra touch. We returned home to a calm, well fed kitty - as well as a daily diary noting her adventures while we were away. We are very pleased with Pet Care at Home and will definitely use her again in the future.

Megan K., McLean, VA

Review 2

Amy is reliable, responsible, flexible, and a wonderfully kind person. She has been walking our dog for over five years, and we are thrilled to have found her. Our dog looks forward to her visits.

When our schedule has changed, Amy has always been happy to help us out, including adding walks in evenings and / or weekends.
When our dog got sick, Amy even drove her to the vet and I met her there from work.

Pet Care At Home is very professional. Amy understands both her human and canine clients and works hard to address the needs of both. I highly recommend this company.

Laurie D, McLean, VA

Review 4

I first found Amy online after moving to the McLean area. I needed someone to take care of my two cats while I was out of town for the holidays in 2010. Every time she visits they got food and water, a clean litter box, and some "TLC". She also brings the mail/newspaper in for me and leaves notes detailing her visit.

About a year ago I added a Great Dane to my family and now I use Amy daily. She comes and walks my dog every afternoon while I'm at work. She has been an absolute life saver. If the puppy has had an accident, Amy goes into damage control mode like removing soiled linens and replacing them or simply picking up anything my pup had gotten into.

Additionally, Amy has saved the day outside of the duties she provides as a pet sitter. I once lost my wallet and everything in it while on vacation across the country. I was supposed to fly back home but no longer had any identifying information. Amy went to the house, located my passport, and over nighted it so that I could board the plane.

And, the one time she took a vacation over the past 2 1/2 years, she made sure that someone she knew and trusted was able to fill in for her while she was gone. Amy is no longer a "pet sitter" to me. She's a reliable friend and part of our family.

Gwen M, McLean, VA

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